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History of TOEFL

History of TOEFL

Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL is a test of English language proficiency (an American accent) who is required to register go to college (college) or university in the United States or other countries in the world. This exam is required for applicants whose native language or the speaker is not English. TOEFL exam is organized by the office of ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States to test all participants throughout the world.
TOEFL English language test types are generally required for college entrance requirements in almost all universities in the United States and Canada for both under graduate program (S-1) or graduate (S-2 or S-3). TOEFL test results are also used as a material consideration of English language proficiency of prospective students who apply to universities in other countries, including universities in Europe and Australia. In general, the TOEFL test is more oriented to American Home, and a few different types of IELTS which is oriented to the British Home. Unlike the IELTS test, TOEFL test is in general not have the individual parts of the interviewtest.

Usually, this test takes about three hours and held in 4 sections, namely sections:

· listening comprehension,

· Grammar structure and written expression,

· reading comprehension, and parts

· writing.

The value ranging from exam results TOEFL: 310 (minimum) to 677 (maximum value) for the version of the PBT (paper-based test).

Since 1998, the TOEFL test is conducted online using a computer (Computer-based Testing / CBT), and since 2005 called the iBT (Internet-based Test). In places that have not been able to carry out CBT or iBT (because there are no computer facilities and internet networks), the TOEFL test is still conducted manually using paper and pencil (paper-based test or PBT).More information about CBT tests and paper-based TOEFL relating to registration, venue, cost, and test preparation materials can be viewed on the official website of the TOEFL, (CBT version of the TOEFL exam results have value ranges from 0 to 300, while the value for the iBT is from 0 to 120).

Lately organizers also held a kind of TOEFL test TWE (Test of Written Home), which results in value is separate from the TOEFL test scores. This test takes 30 minutes, and participants will be asked to write a short essay that describes the ability of participants to express and translate an idea or ideas, and supporting the idea with the examples found in daily life using the English language standard.

Another type of test is TSEP TOEFL (Test of Spoken Home Program) which is similar to the individual interviews on the IELTS test. They are usually used when we want to register as a teaching assistant or lab assistant (as one way to offset the cost of tuition) in universias in the U.S. (or other countries.) Form tests conducted orally and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.Implementation time and the deadline for registration together with other TOEFL tests, and costs approximately U.S. $ 100.

Pendapat :

Test of English as a Foreign Language disingkat TOEFL adalah ujian kemampuan berbahasa Inggris yang dikembangkan di Pusat Linguistik terapan dan di pimpin oleh ahli bahasa, Dr Charles A. Ferguson pada tahun 1964. Seiring dengan perkembangannya hingga sekarang tes TOEFL tersebut tidak hanya dipakai untuk tes persyaratan masuk kuliah diseluruh Universitas di Amerika saja, namun tes ini di pakai juga di sebagian perusahaan di Indonesia untuk syarat diterimanya menjadi karyawan perusahaan tersebut.

Dengan adanya hal tersebut, penguasaan kita terhadap kemampuan membaca, mendengar, menulis, serta berbica dalam berbahasa inggris harus di tingkatkan dan dibiasakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, karena di ingat juga bahwa bahasa inggris ialah bahasa internasional yang merupakan bahasa pemersatu dalam dunia internasional. Dengan meningkatkan kemampuan kita dalam berbahasa inggris, akan menciptakan SDM yang berkualitas dan mampu bersaing dengan orang-orang asing yang mungkin mengambil jatah pekerjaan kita di negeri sendiri.

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